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7 ways sports tipping can increase customer engagement

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Ryan Jones

Looking for fun ways to engage your customers?

It might be surprising to learn that a friendly tipping comp can be a great way to engage with your customers, year-round!

A shared love of footy, cricket, ponies, or competition in general is what unites Aussies across just about every demographic. Even those who aren’t die-hard fans can be found speculating on who will win the AFL grand final, which horse will be first past the post at the Melbourne Cup, or where Australia will place on the leaderboard during the Olympic Games.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to secretly delight in your state one-upping a rival state, or your country winning against the world’s best. It’s in our nature to enjoy a little competition and a tipping comp is a fantastic way to tap into that.

Why sports tipping comps are a great customer engagement idea

Boost customer interaction and reach

Creating your own tipping comp is a clever digital marketing and customer engagement strategy for lots of reasons. Not least of all, it allows business owners to increase customer interaction - even between projects and sales.

Regular contact with your customer base can improve long term brand loyalty and keep your business front of mind. If your sports or footy tipping comp is run well, your customers might even invite friends and colleagues to join in. When it comes to marketing strategies, what a brilliantly cost-effective way to expand your reach!

Gamify and increase your opt-in marketing

Create leaderboards, competitions, prizes and conversations for participants to share and discuss in your social media community. Give your tipsters the chance for bragging rights against their friends and colleagues. Or to share in commiserations.

Regular updates and tipping reminders also provide an easy way to increase your opt-in marketing. Use these opportunities to create fun - and regular - incentives for your market to engage further with your brand. This could include additional chances for prizes or prestige with sports trivia comps, weekly leaderboard rankings - whatever gets people engaged.

Collect valuable demographic information

Like any marketing tool, the end game is conversions and the best way to score a conversion is to understand your market. A tipping comp provides ample opportunities for you to collect information and create highly engaged customers.

With multiple channels to interact and collate info, you’ll gain access to real time analytics that can provide rich insights into the demographics of your audience. From there, use this information to tailor messaging around your products or services.

Make the play mobile-friendly

Sports is all about being away from your desk and on the go (or maybe in relaxation mode if you’re a supporter, rather than a player). Keep it super-easy for your tipping participants to upload their tips and keep track of the competition with a mobile app. The fewer barriers there are to play, the higher your rate of participation is likely to be.

Increase brand awareness and loyalty

The option to add your own branding to your tipping portal is a great way to reinforce your brand outside of regular working relationships. You can even use competitions and social media around your tipping comps to give away branded merchandise as prizes to expand brand awareness and generate a positive buzz.

Keep it as simple or as versatile as you like

Tailor your competitions to your markets favourite games. If rugby ignites their passion, an NRL tipping comp will be a favourite. Or set up an AFL tipping comp for the die-hard footy fans.

But there’s no need to focus on just these sports. You can create tipping comps for all sorts of sports, including cricket, horse racing, soccer, netball - anything you like!

Follow up with high quality customer support

Once you’ve done the hard yards to build brand awareness and leads, it’s time to shift focus to nurture those leads. You need to be an enthusiastic support team for your existing and potential customers. How can you improve customer service and keep kicking goals on their behalf so you’re all winners in the end?

GoTipping for the win!

Ready to kick-off your own tipping competitions? Check out all the fantastic features on the GoTipping app, including live scores, multiple sporting competitions, custom branding, and user-friendly interfaces.

Get tipping on GoTipping today!


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