Connect With Customers

Increase customer touch points. Indulge in your customers passion.

Cut through the advertising noise with GoTipping

Increase touch points

What’s the two emails your customers check every week? Tip reminders and results. Brand them your way, with your promotions. Responsive for any device.

Branded your way

Your GoTipping site is yours. Your logos, colours, fonts, advertising and domain. Your customers entering their tips, and checking their results.

Stand out from the crowd

Your customers love sports tipping, but it’s always been hard to manage. Stand out from the crowd with a unique competition!

Easy to manage

Get up and running in 5 minutes

Cloud based

GoTipping runs online. This means you don’t need fancy software or servers, and you can focus on what you do best: marketing!

Easy to setup

In 5 minutes you could have your very own branded sport tipping platform to engage with your customers, no coding required!

Management console

You can manage your competition all from your console. Add or export users, send email invites, update ads right from your browser.

Secure and private

Your data is your data. GoTipping will not access nor retain any rights to your customers contact information, and your platform is secure from third parties.

Ongoing support

Our online “How to” guides and support articles will help you customise your GoTipping site. Need more? Just email us!

No hassles

We at GoTipping handle all the processing of weekly results, updates to your leaderboards, and notify you of round and season winners.

Need more?

We can help with any custom solutions.

We can embed your GoTipping competition into your current website, help to integrate your current user database with GoTipping through a single sign-on, and even work with you on custom designs!

Contact us to discuss your requirements today!